The multifunction box

  • Filtration

    Automate pump operation with just a few clicks from your smartphone app: temperature-controlled mode, programming, frost protection mode.

  • Lighting

    Change the color, intensity and mood of your lights, and program different lighting times to suit your preferences. Choose from a range of available light sequences for a completely personalized lighting experience!

  • Auxiliary

    Use the auxiliary output to add another device that can be controlled directly via your application. The auxiliary output can be programmed for a processing device or a robot, with slaving parameters available.

Scalable analyzer

Let your analyzer measure the pH, OX and temperature of your pool. It analyzes the essential elements of your water in real time to guarantee total peace of mind.

    Dosing pump

    Combine your Daisy pH dosing pump with the analyzer for automatic pH control. By combining the analyzer with a dosing pump, it becomes a real automatic water treatment device.

      More about the pump

      Fully modular

      Discover a range of automated, connected devices that communicate with each other without the need for cabling or wires! Step-by-step design of the technical room that's right for you

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