pH version

The Daisy VP pH dosing pump is an automatic pH control unit for connection to the 230V mains supply. It uses information from your pond analyzed by the Ofix VP to correct the pH of your pond. By combining an analyzer (Ofix VP) with a Daisy pH dosing pump, it becomes a real automatic water treatment device. You can control automatic pH regulation via the Vigipool app! The dosing pump, wirelessly connected to your analyzer, uses the information measured by the latter for its operation.

Complete, autonomous management

You can also opt for autonomous, complete management of your pool's water treatment by simultaneously combining the two Daisy pH and OX pumps with your Ofix VP connected analyzer: one pump controlled by pH and the other by ORP. From your Vigipool app, you can control both an automatic pH regulator and a chlorine doser and regulator!

  • Wireless connection to your analyzer
  • Simple connection to 230V mains supply
  • pH-controlled

Fully modular

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