Instant visualization

The Phileo VP's dosing pump provides a quick visual check that the device is operating correctly, by lighting up according to the pH status: in green all is well, in orange the measurement is close to the desired level, and in red the measurement is too far off. Its LEDs also provide easy-to-identify visual cues for diagnosis!

Intuitive settings

Phileo VP parameters are set directly on the device or on your smartphone, in the Vigipool app! You'll be up and running in just a few minutes, away from the control room, thanks to an intuitive interface that lets you get to grips with the device quickly. The Vigipool app provides precise visualization of pH measurements, tank volume, injection counter and more. Don't miss a thing about your pH control!

Easy to install

Supplied with a 230V plug for connection to the mains, forget about having to control the filtration pump without knowing where to connect it! To find out the state of filtration, the device is connected to a flow sensor, which provides more reliable information than a simple filter control. A simplified installation and more precise information on the flow of water in the pipe!

  • Ultra-simplified installation
  • Automatically adjusts water pH
  • Illuminated dosing pump

Fully modular

Discover a range of automated, connected devices that communicate with each other without the need for cabling or wires! Step-by-step design of the technical room that's right for you

Configure your pool