Instant visualization

The dosing pump on the Oxeo VP provides a quick visual check that the device is operating correctly, lighting up according to the ORP's status: green means all's well, orange means the measurement is close to the desired level, and red means the measurement is too far off. Its LEDs also make diagnosis easy, with easily identifiable visual cues!

Intuitive settings

You can set up your Oxeo VP directly on the device or on your smartphone, using the Vigipool app! Take advantage of commissioning in just a few minutes, away from the technical room, with an intuitive interface that lets you take control of the device quickly. The Vigipool app allows precise visualization of ORP measurements, tank volume, injection counter, etc. Don't miss a thing about your ORP control!

Easy to install

Fourni avec une prise 230V à raccorder au secteur, oubliez les asservissements sur la pompe de filtration, sans savoir où se raccorder ! Et pour connaître l’état de la filtration, l’appareil est connecté à un capteur de débit permettant d’avoir une information plus fiable qu’un simple asservissement à la filtration. Une installation simplifiée et une information plus précise du flux d’eau dans la canalisation !

  • Ultra-simplified installation
  • Automatically adjusts ORP
  • Illuminated dosing pump

Fully modular

Discover a range of automated, connected devices that communicate with each other without the need for cabling or wires! Step-by-step design of the technical room that's right for you

Configure your pool