5 in 1 panel set

With the Meteor VP multifunction panel and its application, you can set your pool's essential functions directly on your phone. Adapted filtration, thermoregulation, frost protection, etc. The Meteor panel is equipped with numerous functions, enabling it to replace up to 5 panels in its basic version, and even more with the options!

Control your lights

Control the color of your lights right from where you are in the house. The Meteor VP panel is compatible with all CCEI lights and other brands.

Define programs to suit your needs

Use the Vigipool application to define programs with time slots, so you never have to worry about your technical room again!

  • Simplify your technical room by combining the functions of 5 panels: filtration, lighting, booster, frost protection and level control.
  • Filtration adapted to water temperature and automatic lighting
  • Programmable auxiliary output for processing device, robot, with control parameters

Fully modular

Discover a range of automated, connected devices that communicate with each other without the need for cabling or wires! Step-by-step design of the technical room that's right for you

Configure your pool