Adapted production

This powerful chlorinator with simplified interface is equipped with an electrolysis cell with a production capacity of up to 40 g/h, guaranteeing effective disinfection. The cell allows quick and easy connection to the pipe with a single cutout. The Limpido EZ VP salt water chlorinator adapts production to the temperature and size of the pool you enter at start-up.

Intuitive settings

In just a few minutes, you can set up your salt water chlorinator using the Vigipool application: choose your production mode (SHOCK mode, production adapted to water temperature, or ORP-sensing mode), operating hours, and interact your Limpido EZ VP with other devices in the technical room, directly via the application.

  • Automatic water treatment with thermoregulation mode
  • Fewer chemicals
  • Remote Wifi connection

Fully modular

Discover a range of automated, connected devices that communicate with each other without the need for cabling or wires! Step-by-step design of the technical room that's right for you

Configure your pool